Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 1/2 months old!

Man, so much has happened this past month and a half with little K. The first time she rolled over was front to back at about three and a half months old. She only did it a few times, then as soon as we got home from Alabama she was rolling over back to front like crazy, even if she didn't want to. I think its because she really found her feet! She grabs on to them every chance she gets and then topples over. Hilarious! Last night she wasn't going to bed very well; I went in to check on her and she had fallen asleep with her toes in her mouth. Not sure how that's possible but she did it!

We also have liked going to the pool once or twice a week, the sun totally wipes her out she fell asleep on her stomach outside and this pic was right after I put her down she still had her adorable floppy hat on, so cute! Lets see... what else, oh we started introducing solid foods to her. Everyone has different theories on when you should do this, I think my pediatrician would rather I wait till six months or so, but we decided since she is so big and seems ready, we would ease her into it slowly. She only eats like a third of a veggie container at dinner time and that's it. We probably wont add any more to her diet for another month or so. I originally thought that you were supposed to start babies on a simple rice cereal but apparently that is no longer true; who knew? My doctor suggests that we do veggies first because they start developing there liking for different foods right now! Rice would just make her a carb junkie. True or not? I have no idea. And obviously fruits give them that sweet tooth early on.

Also, since I am putting all these videos on I might as well add this one too! K loves to blow raspberries, she thinks she is so funny especially in church. She literally wouldn't stop doing it all through Sunday School

Okay so I tried to add all the videos and the bloger wasn't letting me do it. I have been trying to post this for the past four days so I am just going to post it and keep trying to add the videos later..... LAME

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  1. Hey! I love all of the pictures! I hope you and your baby girl are still doing well!