Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lesson learned...

So as the previous posted stated we went to Logan to go to our graduation. Our good friends, Tyler and Lindsey Coy let us crash at their place. Not only did they let us take over their house but they also hosted our family BBQ after graduation. Not only did they host the BBQ but they also bought all the food and paper products for it, cooked it, followed us around all day and took pictures with us. Basically what I am saying is that they are the best hosts in the world! We absolutely love these guys, and they are truly life long friends no matter how far apart we live. I hope one day I can be as good of a host as Lindsey.

To add to the top list of best hosts ever I have to include my sister Candi. Every time anyone goes to her house it seems she has some kind of gift or something for them. No matter what is going on in her life she makes you feel like priority number one! Not only does she make the top list of best hosts but also best guests. When she comes to visit she cleans up and helps me get things done. I wish I would have been able to help her more with packing up her house the way I know she would have for me. It was good to see those kids tho!! Got to love that face JK, she looks so much like her mommy. Toby and I had the most amazing game of JENGA ever, and we only cheated a little.


  1. Yeah! I'm glad we made the blog. We were so happy to have you guys here for a few days and would be ecstatic to host you ANYTIME - but I think you know that. I'm glad we go to see you, celebrate with you, and meet Kenedi. We love her! and we love you guys!

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  3. Hey Natalie! It was fun to see you guys for a second - literally - while you were here. Your girl is adorable and I had now idea you guys had moved. Congrats on graduation, hope all is well!