Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Texas Rangers!

So as most of you know, last week we found out that Ben's company is ironically moving us back to Logan. I had very mixed emotions about it at first. I am feeling weird about only being here for 7 months. I was just starting to make friends and I really felt a part of the ward here, so in a way I am sad to leave. Texas has been good to us and I have learned so much being here. On the other hand we are so excited to be closer to family and our good friends! We are also excited about what this means for our future, as far as establishing a good way of living. We don't know when exactly we leave but now that I know we are going I just want to be their as soon as possible so we can start our life. So when we found out we were leaving we wanted to make sure we got to do some of the things we wanted to here. First on the list was a Texas Rangers game. We splurged a little and got some decent seats since, what was supposed to be a 3-4 times a year event, we only got to do once!
I made the bow, a little obnoxious I know but it was fun to make and she totally stole the show at the game. I just love it when people think she is as adorable as we we think she is. She was so good too, just sat and watched for the most part. She is really into what people are drinking so the guy next to me who had a beer was a huge draw, she kept touching him trying to reach it. Haha

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  1. Yeah! It still seems surreal that you guys are moving back but we could not be more thrilled about it. I can't wait to see Kenedi more too.