Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wow, I am officially the worst blogger ever... My sister Tammy blogs about a little something everyday and I can't even manage to accomplish more than one since we've been married! Disgraceful. To be honest I forgot the password and when I tried to reset it I realized it was going to a new email address that I couldn't quite remember. Don't worry I figured it out so now I am going to make a goal to blog at least once a week.

So this post will be to catch my plethora or readers up on the new married life.....

Both Ben and I are still in school he is just a semester ahead of me and because we are both education majors we actually have a class together which is kind of fun, plus it helps in our busy schedule to be able to help each other out. I am taking 19 credits which is a bit crazy but I am trying to hurry and finish up so you can go ahead with Ben's grad school as soon as possible.

Ben along with the 14 credits he is taking is also working three jobs (should I feel guilty?) He is a teachers aid for the school which gives him about 7 hours per week. He also works for the Space Dynamics Lab which he has worked at for the past three years and absolutely loves it, luckily the hours have gone down there to make room for his most recent job. He is employed by Bridgerland Technology College to teach engineers at ATK in Salt Lake some new engineering programs. We were lucky to stumble across this job because of the teacher he TAs for on campus and his boss at SDL. It is a temporary job that is just starting to wind down, and once again we are lucky that SDL decided to sign him on to another project as ATK winds down. I just asked him to explain it to me so I could tell you about it but since I don't understand half the words that came out of his mouth I won't be able to. All I know is that it is something that will test the air.

So those are the boring day to day elements of our life, but don't worry there's more excitement to come!