Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yeah yeah I know, worst blogger ever. I'm not going to make any false promises or lofty goals to blog more but maybe after baby girl is born I will have a little more motivation. Yep thats right I haven't even blogged about our wonderful news. We have a baby girl coming in just 3 short months!

The pregnancy has gone pretty well no serious symptoms except my growing belly, at 27 weeks today I have gained about 27 lbs. It is starting to feel more like 1,000. Ben might disagree with the claim to no serious symptoms.... I have been a little more moody lately especially going into this last trimester but he has been so patient with me.

Today is the first baby shower! Grandma Kathy is throwing one at great grandma's house and I am so excited! We should have tons of fun celebrating baby.

As far as names go we are pretty set on Kenedi Sara Sampson. Kenedi has been a favorite of mine mostly because it would be after Papa, aka Ken. Sara is after great grandma Sara, Dorran's mother, Ben's grandma.

So this morning I implored my friend Lindsey to take some photos of Ben and I outside our first place since we will be moving before too long. This up and coming

photographer did so well, it kind of felt like engagements all over again. I just wanted to remember our first place and even though I'm not a huge fan of pregnancy picks, it was good to take a few fun ones for all my friends and siblings that I wont see for the entire pregnancy :( I keep getting requests to see the belly. Well here you go everyone, she is getting huge and quite wild in there. Some days I feel like she never rests, dancing around like crazy especially when daddy is around.

We have absolutely loved living here. It was the perfect apartment to have our first year in. Its been a bit stressful not knowing where we are moving or where we are having baby girl, but I'm confident and we both have faith that whatever ends up happening will be he best for our family and our future.