Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Morning Smiles

So I woke up this morning and grabbed my camera intending to snap some photos to blog about the greatest invention ever! Its called a Swaddle Me and for those babies out there who like to be wrapped like burritos when they sleep this is the best thing for them. Yes it looks like a straight jacket for infants but Kenedi absolutely loves it. Whats great is that you can change their diaper without unwrapping them and letting there arms loose. I promise it works, ever since we got it Kenedi has been consistently sleeping for abut 7 hours straight, with a record so far of 8 hours! Who really cares about that though? What I am really glad I caught was her morning smiles, they are the best! The pictures just don't do it justice though, she is so precious!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Bobble head

So Kenedi is just over one month old and getting so big, at least she seems to think so. She loves to play baby bobble head( at least that's what we call it) laying at an incline on our chest she tries to lift her head up and it really just ends up bobbing back and forth. She seems to love it and its great entertainment for us too. Sometimes its just what she wants, though her strength only lasts for a few minutes before she gets tuckered out and needs a break.

She is a cuddle bug but she really likes her alone time just laying on the ground too, Our good friends Lindsey and Tyler Coy got us this cute little play mat and although she doesn't appreciate the bright colors and fun toys just yet she will soon!

Also this past few weeks has brought on big girl baths and she absolutely loves them, so much better than those sponge baths!

This past week has been fun just the three of us, but we are way excited for more family to come to town for the blessing!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Kenedi was supposed to be born on the twentieth. This was the induce date just two days before the due date. We did this mostly because we wanted to be able to tell Grandma when to be here. Well Kenedi didn't seem to like being told when to come so she came early. Luckily and thanks in large part to Uncle Jeff, Grandma Kathy was able to hop on a plane that day and be here just 10 hours after she was born! We were so happy to have her there. She helped make the hospital stay a little more enjoyable and when we came home the house was spotless and their were cookies in the oven. I can't tell you how great it was to come home to a neat house that I had been dreading, as I knew it was left in a less than ideal condition, thanks to our surprise late Friday night. It was great for her spend a few days with this little angel.

My mom came in town on the 19th, they day before Kenedi was supposed to arrive. She stayed for three weeks and it was WONDERFUL! She helped so much in the transition and while I was still healing. Between cleaning house, cooking meals, driving us around, waking up with Kenedi, and helping me stay calm after tearing stitches, projectile spit up, spit up through the nose(scary), and a poor little nose that was so stuffed up she could hardly breath, I don't know how we would have done without her. It was weird to have her go, very difficult for all of us, but we are so grateful for the time we got with Grandma.

To help transition from all the help of Grandma suddenly gone, Candi and Julia Karen came. We had so much fun, finally after being stuck in the house because of a storm we could get out and go shopping! New clothes made me feel great. Julia Karen really started to warm up to the baby and by the time they left she was helping give baby her pappy and bringing us diapers. A few days after Candi came Tammy came and of course we don't have any pics of her, we were way to focused on taking newborn pics of Kenedi. We were all rather delirious after literally working on pictures from 9:30 in the morning to 5:00 at night and then for a few ore hours the next day... CRAZY! We got so many great ones though and I can't wait till they get put online so I can order them. THANKS so much Tammy for all the hard work, it was fun!

I love my family and all of their support and the willingness they have to be here for our little girl!