Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Bobble head

So Kenedi is just over one month old and getting so big, at least she seems to think so. She loves to play baby bobble head( at least that's what we call it) laying at an incline on our chest she tries to lift her head up and it really just ends up bobbing back and forth. She seems to love it and its great entertainment for us too. Sometimes its just what she wants, though her strength only lasts for a few minutes before she gets tuckered out and needs a break.

She is a cuddle bug but she really likes her alone time just laying on the ground too, Our good friends Lindsey and Tyler Coy got us this cute little play mat and although she doesn't appreciate the bright colors and fun toys just yet she will soon!

Also this past few weeks has brought on big girl baths and she absolutely loves them, so much better than those sponge baths!

This past week has been fun just the three of us, but we are way excited for more family to come to town for the blessing!

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  1. So cute!! I love your new background, the blog looks adorable!