Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our House.....

"is a very very very nice house, with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard now everything is better because of yooooou." I was just thinking about this absolutely awful song us kids used to sing while forced to do the Sunday dishes, does anyone else remember it??

Anyway, about seven months ago Candi asked me to blog about our apartment and I guess now I am getting around to it. So here are some pictures! I absolutely love our place and I will be so sad to leave it :(

So this is the office/guest bedroom. Its sort of Ben's domain and usually kind of messy. Its like the token closet where we throw things and shut the door if we are expecting company and don't have time to clean. Sad to admit, but true.

This is our bedroom! The closet is to the left and a big mirror and dresser are right next to where I am taking the picture from. Its not very decorated but its nice.

This shows most of the dining area. There is a clock on the left wall and it opens up to the rest of the living room to the right. I didn't take pictures of the kitchen because its slightly depressing with its 50's greenish yellowish counter tops and GM oven, and no dishwasher. Its really good enough for what we need right now though.

This nook for some reason is my pride and joy. I got this little cupboard thing for such a good deal and I painted the top black as well as the knobs. It serves as our food storage area because our kitchen isn't big enough. This is the first thing you see when you walk in the door, that is actually where I am standing is right in front of the door. To the right you can sort of see the sliding glass door that goes out to our patio.

Last but not least the Living room. This isn't a very good picture but this is also the first thing you see when you walk in the door. The couch courtesy of Doran and Karen is awesome! Of course we still have the love sac. The TV stand was a steal of a deal at Shopko and I can't forget about our fish; Angel, MJ, and Swarly who are Tetras, Bert and Ernie who are guppies, and our swimmer frog Julio.
So that's about it, our house in a nutshell!!

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  1. Let's see if it works this time - I love your house. You have done a great job making it a home and stylish! Wish I could see it in person but these pictures are so fun, thank you for posting them! I love you guys!